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At MojoCards you can increase your collection of Pokémon cards . We sell 100 percent original trading cards. With these cards you can put together a deck that you will use against other Pokémon trainers. We offer different sets with which you can compete against your friends.

Different sets

Buying Pokémon cards online is therefore possible at MojoCards. Here you have several options, starting with a set of 50 random Pokémon cards. You are guaranteed to get 1 EX or GX, which are special trading cards. In addition, this set does not include energy and / or trainer cards. The random sets still offer a lot of variation, there is always something new for your collection. You can also purchase these sets in a large version. Instead of 50 random Pokémon cards, the big set contains 100 random trading cards. Again, the set is including 1 GX or EX* , but it may contain energy and / or trainer cards. So order your 50x or 100x Pokémon cards today!


Play and trade with Pokémon cards

You can play with Pokémon cards that you have bought at MojoCards, although you can of course also purchase them for your collection. If you still want to play, you do this by putting together a deck of cards. You do this with your favorite Pokémon cards. The other players do the same when you compete to determine who is the best Pokémon trainer. 

You might not have collected all Pokémon cards, but maybe your friend some you need. You can trade with your friend or friends. 

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In general, if the order is placed before 4:00 PM CET, the Pokémon cards will be shipped today. Free shipping for all orders over 50 euros within the Netherlands. Free shipping over 100 euros within Belgium and Germany. If you have any questions about your order. Then you can contact us via info@mojocards.nl.



*not every set has GX or EX. Please choose your bundle carefully.