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Pokémon cards and trading cards can be purchased at Mojocards.nl. You can order them entirely online from us. Ordered before 4 p.m., shipped the same day! Mojocards.nl is a Pokémon card webshop specialized in special Pokémon card games. You can order Pokémon bundles or nice Pokémon boxes and tins from us.

Pokémon is known among young people, but also among adults. That's because Pokémon has been active in cartoons and trading cards since 1995. At Mojocards.nl we will focus on Pokémon trading cards. You can use the trading cards to collect, but did you also know that you can play against each other with Pokémon cards?
There are three types of cards: Pokémon, Energy and Trainer.

  1. The Pokémons are of course what the game is all about: they fight each other and let you take prizes;

  2. The Trainers are cards that help your Pokémon win or help you draw the right cards;

  3. Energies are the cards you need to make your Pokémon attack or withdraw. So water card for a water Pokémon.

So do you want to complete your collection? Then Mojocards.nl is the right place to buy Pokémon cards.