Why is Pokemon so popular? Is it worthy of the hype?

Why is Pokemon so popular? Is it worthy of the hype?

Why is Pokemon so popular, is it worth the hype?

Unless you've been living under a rock since the beginning of this year, you may have heard about the Pokemon franchise or the Pokemon TCG. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise as a whole. The celebration of this anniversary already started in 2019.

Since it's Pokemon's 25th anniversary, the folks at Pokemon decided to give the Poke fans loads of surprises, including the announcement of two new games and a brand new party set that would feature many reprints from the older generations!

Famous personalities like Logan Paul and Logic have also added fuel to the fire by getting their hands on the first edition Pokemon cards. And not just any card, but the most coveted Pokemon TCG card, the Charizard Base Set. Logan Paul even went so far as to wear the card during his famous match against Floyd Mayweather!

This hype was also quickly noticed in the Netherlands. Well-known Youtubers such as Enzo Knol and the Lakap Family also joined the Pokemon craze. Which made many young children look up to them and want to open Pokémon cards themselves. 

How come Pokemon has become so popular?

Since there's so much content coming out of Pokemon and such a crazy appreciation for more cards, there must be a reason behind such surreal hype surrounding the Pokemon franchise. But to understand why Pokemon is nearly a $100 billion industry, we first need to step back and look at how it got started.

Pokemon was inspired by bugs that kids collected; the concept was quite simple. Collect these "Pocket Monsters" in the game and fight them. Fight them in single player mode and also with your friends. As each generation added new Pokemon, the hype surrounding the new releases always stayed the same.

The Poke craze spread all over the world and Pokemon did indeed take over. The Pokemon TCG started out as just another game in the franchise. Still, the TCG quickly evolved into a collectibles market, and to this day millions of people buy Pokemon TCG cards to collect them, not play with them.

Why are the Pokémon cards so popular?

The Pokemon TCG features Pokemon from the main series games. The TCG quickly gained momentum and within a year or two championships were started to find the best TCG player in Japan.

The TCG soon made its way west and the Poke fans ate everything they could get their hands on. The Pokemon TCG cards were hugely successful, so much so that some cards for high prices were sold in second-hand markets, more than they were sold for by the company.

Many Pokemon fans started their own collections, but the rare cards were hard to find, so instead of buying tons and tons of booster packs in hopes of getting the desired card, collectors started buying rare cards directly from the players who got the luck. had to pull one.

Is Pokemon a mayfly or an investment?

If you have read the blog thoroughly, you will understand what drives the Pokemon madness. The hype around Pokemon isn't some fad; Pokemon is a juggernaut in the entertainment industry with a valuation of approximately $93 billion.

The Pokemon franchise has found a sweet spot, it seems; they have a formula that works every time so don't think they will change ways anytime soon, because the hype around Pokemon will always be there. So, in short, to sum up this article, the Pokemon franchise as a whole is totally worth the hype it gets. Pokémon has been around for 25 years for nothing :-)

The main series game is bought and played by millions every time they are released. That's not true for many large franchises. So if you're thinking of collecting Pokemon now might be a good time as new Sword and Shield era expansion packs are still coming out.

We expect the Pokémon craze to last for a long time. In any case, the people behind Pokémon cards are busy designing the best sets. It turns out that in February next year there will be a very nice set that the hype is already for: Pokemon - Brilliant Stars. This year came the 25th anniversary Pokemon card set: celebrations.

If you want to invest in the Pokemon cards, it is better to start as early as possible. The sets that are still for sale today will no longer be for sale in a year's time, so prices will only go up. 

Are you going to put Pokemon on your wish list this year? Or not? Let us know in the comments.

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