Order Yu-Gi-Oh! cards at Mojocards

At MojoCards you have the option to expand your Yu-Gi-Oh card collection with new ones that you did not have yet. We offer individual Yu-Gi-Oh cards that you can buy, but also sets that contain random cards.

Different sets/bundles
So you can buy Yu-Gi-Oh cards in sets at MojoCards. An example of this is a set of 50 random cards. This set also consists of cards from several sets, where it is not guaranteed that you will get a secret rare. For this you could buy another set, which also contains 50 Yu-Gi-Oh cards. In such a bundle there are 49 normal cards, but also a secret rare one. We also offer several boxes of 100 cards, one of which consists of normal cards. With another set you get 98 normal cards and 2 with random foil. The last option for the 100 random card sets comes with 2 booster packs.

Collecting Yu-Gi-Oh cards?
Whether you play with the Yu-Gi-Oh cards or collect them from mojocards, you can order exactly what you need. Replenishing your collection has never been easier with the different booster backs or limited edition sets including Rare gods and other ultra rare cards.

Order Yu-Gi-Oh! cards directly
Choose which product you want and place it in the shopping cart. Via the shopping cart you can view your order and pay directly via various payment methods. Ordering Yu-Gi-Oh tickets has never been easier!

In general, if the order is placed before 4:00 PM, the Pokémon cards will be delivered tomorrow. Free shipping for all orders over 50 euros. If you have any questions about your order, you can contact us at info@mojocards.nl. Pre-orders will only be sent after the release date.