Pokemon Brilliant Stars Expansion added brand new V star cards! [ENGLISH]

Pokemon Brilliant Stars Expansion added brand new V star cards! [ENGLISH]

Pokemon Brilliant Stars Expansion added brand new V star cards!

Pokemon Fusion Strike hasn’t been released yet, and the folks at Pokemon have already confirmed the next expansion pack called Brilliant star! This Expansion pack was long rumored in the fan base, and it is good to see some official confirmation regarding the expansion.

The Pokemon brilliant star expansion has been confirmed. Fusion strike is releasing this year and will be the last one for this year. And Brilliant Stars will be the first one for the year 2022. So we won’t be getting the Japanese V max Climax expansion. But that’s not a bad thing, and you’ll realize why further in the blog!

Also, we’ve got a brand new card type in the TCG, and we’ll be getting it as soon as the Brilliant stars expansion releases. It is called V star!

Pokemon Brilliant stars

The Pokemon Brilliant stars expansion will consist of over 170+. The distribution of cards will be as follows -

The Pokemon Brilliant Stars expansion will include the following cards - 

  • 4  New V star cards (these will include the Charizard V star, Arceus V star, Shaymin V star, Whimsicott V star)
  • 15 full-art Pokemon V cards
  • 22 Trainer cards
  • 1 special energy card
  • 6 full-art Supporter cards
  • 20 Pokemon V cards
  • 3 Pokemon Vmax cards


As you can see, the four V-star cards that are being added are already revealed. Also, the trainer art cards from the V max climax expansion have been included in the Brilliant stars expansion, so we’re getting the V max Climax cards but in a different pack!

Pokemon V star explained!

But what are these V-star cards, and why is there so much hype surrounding them? Let’s diecast the cards!

Pokemon Vstar is a card that has mechanics similar to the mechanics we’ve already seen in the Pokemon TCG. The Sun and Moon era of cards introduced the card mechanic known as the GX cards, an extra GX move that was overpowered!

This move can only be used once, and it was totally worth it. The same mechanic will be debuting in the sword and shield era of cards in a new form, the Vstar. So basically, it is an old card but is also a new card depending on your preference.

Regardless of the mechanic, the card looks fabulous, to say the least. The expansion will also add many new cards to the TCG, so be on the lookout for those complete arts as they tend to significantly increase in value!

Pokemon V star cards revealed!


Arceus V star

Arceus is an essential Pokemon going forward as there is a brand new game coming out named after it. So it only makes sense to have the God Pokemon as a V-star card. 


Charizard V star

Charizard V star is a card that’ll be doing crazy numbers when released. There’s already a lot of hype surrounding the card, and expect the pieces to skyrocket once a couple of these cards are found.

The Vstar move of Charizard will do a whopping 320 damage which is enough to knock out a Pokemon. These overpowered V star moves are the reason for the introduction of this new mechanic.

There also will be the Whimscott V star and the Shaymin V star, but the cards haven’t been revealed yet!

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